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We Are Valley Coast Air Control

Affordable AC Repair in Pasadena

Pasadena is a wonderful place to live, but summers can be hot. The record high temperature for Pasadena is 113 degrees. There can be prolonged hot spells, and good air conditioning is a necessity. Faulty air conditioning in a summer is not so wonderful. If yours is giving you some problems, please call us. Valley Coast Air Control repairs air conditioning in Pasadena.

Great AC Repair Pasadena Service

We are Valley Coast Air Control. Valley Coast is a fully insured and bonded HVAC contractor offering the full range of air conditioning services, from AC repair Pasadena to replacement. We specialize in repairing older AC systems, but we repair any systems of any age. We concentrate on servicing residential and small business air conditioning systems. We have repaired AC equipment in small and large residences, multi-family homes, offices, businesses such as restaurants, and condos.

When it’s nearing summer and your AC malfunctions or stops working, you need help and you need it immediately. Valley Coast Air Control has 24/7 emergency service. We will get there soon and fix it fast. We offer free estimates.

Needed repairs may be small or extensive. If something doesn’t seem quite normal with your AC, it may need professional attention. If it sounds different, if it seems to be working longer than it used to, or if your energy bills are getting larger, something may be going wrong you may need a ac repair Pasadena. If caught early, problems are easy to repair and inexpensive. Catching problems early avoids the discomfort and inconvenience of malfunctioning AC equipment during a hot Pasadena summer.

We are proud of our customer ratings. They consistently give us high marks for promptness, reliability, professionalism, courtesy and reasonable pricing. If your air conditioning is making your family or your customers uncomfortable, call us. Valley Coast Air Control repairs air conditioning at your home or business in Pasadena.

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AC Service

It gets HOT in Los Angeles during the summer months and you need someone you can trust for AC service and repair. Don’t hesitate to call Valley Coast Air Control. We are trained Experts and a reliable service for your air conditioning needs. You will not be hot much longer!

Heater Repair

You need your heater repaired on a cold winter night? It’s time to call Valley Coast Air Control. Our technicians are trained on all sorts of heating systems that include gas furnaces, heat-pumps, dual fuel, oil, electric, hydronic, and geothermal. We can bring the heat back to your home quickly with guaranteed service.

Comfort Automation

Why rely on old fashion thermostats to control your HVAC system? Instead, try comfort automation. Valley Coast Air Control specializes in installing systems that allow you to control the temperature of your home from any where in the world. This can save you a ton of money since the system will only run when you need it.


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